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Influence the development of biodegradable technology | Manufacturer of Biodegradable Plastic Bags & Compostable Bags

Adsum Eco Solution Pvt. Ltd. is an Innovative and Dynamic organization. We strive to provide the best solution to plastic waste problem to make clean India.

We are supplier and Marketer of world renowned biodegradable additives and compounds for all application of plastic industries. We are also marketer and supplier of biodegradable finish product e.g, all type of carry bags and disposable plastic product.

Our solution to this problem is – BIODEGRADABILITY. We mimic nature by using the environmental forces of heat, oxygen and sunlight to cause degradation leading to biodegradation. Instead of this waste ending up as plastic waste it ends up in fertile earth. We call our product Addiflex®.

What We Do

Polyolefins are Everywhere

We seek to inspire positive environmental change through actions and products that foster a more sustainable future. Plastic waste is a global epidemic that impacts us all. Today, Adsum Eco Solutions teams are developing innovative alternatives to conventional plastics. Our innovative biobased and compostable polymers and formulations are designed with sustainability in mind, giving YOU the power to make a difference.

Who We Are

Why Choose Us!

Promoting recycling efficiency in the production, design, conversion, collection and recycling of polyolefins.
Initiating and participating in environmental education and awareness campaigns.
Ensuring best practice in recycling by engaging with research bodies; developing alternative production input materials based on renewable resources.
Working towards polyolefin recycling targets motivated in the Paper and Packaging Industry Waste Management Plan.
How it Works

Addiflex® works in 3 stages

Step 1

Direct biodegradable components enlarge the surface area of the plastic product for accelerated oxidation.

Step 2

The additive breaks the molecular chains and reduces the molecular weight to a level which permits micro-organisms access to the hydrocarbons.

Step 3

Bacteria and fungi consume the material which at this stage is no longer a plastic.

We Are Adsum India- Manufacturer of Biodegradable Products

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