Step ahead for clean India

Adsum Solutions is an Innovative and Dynamic organization. We strive to provide the best solution to plastic waste problem to make clean India.

We are supplier and Marketer of world renowned biodegradable additives and compounds for all application of plastic industries. We are also marketer and supplier of  biodegradable finish product e.g, all type of carry bags and disposable plastic product.

Polyolefins are durable, heat resistant and able to withstand most kinds of chemical corrosion. They’re also considered non-toxic, making them particularly useful for applications like medical devices and food storage.

We, therefore, have strategically planned and managed to initiate hybrid marketing, focusing on quality products and modernized one-stop service to offer our customers.

Our solution to this problem is – BIODEGRADABILITY. We mimic nature by using the environmental forces of heat, oxygen and sunlight to cause degradation leading to biodegradation. Instead of this waste ending up as plastic waste it ends up in fertile earth. We call our product Addiflex®.