Benefits of biodegradable Products

Products made with addiflex are 100% recyclable & reprocess able without changing any properties like regular plastic application when recycled.

It helps to degrades conventional plastic even in months time where conventional plastic have long life in any condition

No harm to fertility of soil as it converts conventional plastic in to biomass

During the complete life cycle of this product there are no toxic substances used or created

it does not create methane in anaerobe landfills

It degrade plastic in any littering, landfill or wet conditions

With our product degradation cycle of plastic can be control and customize.

With Addiflex to create biodegradable product no need to change existing machinery/ technique or formulation of any plastic application

100% safe for food contact (FDA –USA approved)

More Environmental Benefits

Biodegradable polymers come in more forms than you would imagine. Now available, aside from the classic bags and sacks, are cutlery, and cups, and packaging such as bubble wrap and stretch-wrap and polystyrene foam as containers for eggs and food take out trays.

Potting plants has never been easier as with biodegradable plastic pots. They will degrade and become biomass.

Once an biodegradable polymer becomes biomass and is consumed by plants, carbon is fixed, preventing its release to the atmosphere.

Uses of biodegradable polymers are limited by imagination. Just think of any plastic in use today that needs not last more than after first use, or needs not last longer than a year or two.